2018 AFT Convention

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UHP sent 23 delegates to the 2018 AFT Convention in Pittsburgh. (Photo by Matt O'Connor)
UHP delegates made clear they're sticking with their union! (Photo by Matt O'Connor)
Day 1: AFT President Randi Weingarten brings down the house with her state of the union speech. (Photo by Matt O'Connor)
Day 1: UHP President Bill Garrity speaks during the AFT Nurses and Health Professionals Divisional Meeting.
Day 1: Jean Morningstar chairs, and Laura Didden serves as recording secretary, of the AFT Health Care Access/Quality Committee meeting.
Day 1: UHP VP Comms Chris DeFrancesco speaks during debate at the AFT Public Employees divisional meeting. (Photo by Donna Napomeceno)
Day 2: Delegates on the convention floor. (Photo by Matt O'Connor)
Day 2: Trisha Faraday, Jean Castagno, Robin Addison and Chris DeFrancesco are among the eight UHP delegates who marched in solidarity for public school funding in Pittsburgh. (Photo by Matt O'Connor)
Day 3: VP Comms Chris DeFrancesco requests a point of personal privilege, asks convention to recognize military services of the veterans in attendance. (Photo by Matt O'Connor)
Day 3: UHP 1st VP Ivonne Hamm speaks to a procedural matter on the convention floor. (Photo by Matt O'Connor)
Shot of the full hall at the Lawrence Convention Center. (Photo by Liz Barrientos)
Day 4: Jean Morningstar brings the Health Care Access/Quality Committee's resolutions to the convention floor.
Day 4: Christine Judd urges passage of a resolution marshaling resources for opioid epidemic; story of family's loss brings AFT President Randi Weingarten to her side. (Photo by Matt O'Connor)