2019 CT AFL-CIO Convention

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UHP delegates Peter Baranowski, Pierre LePage, Alyssa D’Ostillio, Christine Judd, Jean Morningstar, Bill Garrity, Ivonne Hamm, Chris DeFrancesco, Michelle Proper, and Dawn Thomas
Delgates Jean Morningstar, Bill Garrity, Ivonne Hamm, Michelle Diane, Peter Baranowski, Pierre Lepage — with Jean Morningstar, Bill Garrity, Ivonne Hamm, Michelle Diane and Pierre Lepage
Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz: "The 2020 Census is critical to our state... The Census is safe [can't be used for law enforcement] and you can fill it out for the first time online."
"We were not alone.... Every single union in this country came to our defense... With your support, our members stood strong, didn't break, and didn't back down." -- United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) President Marc Perrone
AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler on runaway CEO pay: "It takes Jeff Bezos 9 seconds to make what the average Amazon.com employee makes in a year."
President's report from Connecticut AFL-CIO Prez Sal Luciano: "We are united by the fact that we all have to work for a living... Let's bend that [moral] arc toward justice."
UHP University Health Professionals Local 3837 Published by Christopher DeFrancesco Like This Page · October 3 · Edited · UFCW Local 371's Keri Hoehne & UFCW Local 919's Adam Virga share successes and lessons learned from the Stop & Shop strike.
VP Comms Chris DeFrancesco has the floor, discussing the big-picture implications of the Stop & Shop strike.
In support of collective bargaining, Gov. Ned Lamont tells #CTAFL19 delegates, labor foes are "trying to undercut our value, and we're not going to let them do it."
Gov. Ned Lamont stops for a pic with Chief Steward Jean Morningstar.
State Sen. Julie Kushner: "I didn't run to the middle, I ran to the left. I ran as a proud union member." State Rep. Robyn Porter: "Until all of us are doing well, none of us are doing well."
President Bill Garrity, running for town council in Plainville, on labor's election influence: "We are the leaders. We move the needle." Bill is among the union members seeking office with the support of the Connecticut AFL-CIO's Path To Power Program
Congratulations to our president, Bill Garrity, now one of four AFT Connecticut representatives on the CT AFL-CIO board!