2022 UHP Business Convention

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Ivonne Hamm, Peter Zarabozo, Michelle Proper and Summer Lambert at check-in
VP for Membership Activities Shawn Brown organized a fantastic evening!
Breaking bread together at the Aqua Turf
President Bill Garrity
Ivonne with her family and Chief Steward and longtime friend Jean Morningstar
Cocktail hour at the Aqua Turf
Shawn Brown with Laura Didden, who served as recording secretary 2016-2022
Acknowledgement of Logan Place, our chief negotiator
Breaking bread together at the Aqua Turf
Chief Steward Jean Morningstar announces the Steward of the Year award is now named for Ivonne Hamm
Ray Bennettson is the first recipient of the Ivonne Hamm Steward of the Year Award!
Scholarship recipients (from left): Joseph Ciambriello, Michael Sama, Riley Ford, Jadah Smith, Joshua Zolla, Jane Winkleman, Miriam Zachariah
Pierre LePage accepts the Rep of the Year award
Out on the dance floor!
Ivonne with Bill and her family
UHP Executive Committee