Shawn Brown, Candidate, 1st VP for Collective Bargaining

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Shawn Brown

I firmly believe that as a collective, UHP has maintained a strong, united front when working with administration and management. That has happened, in my opinion, because of UHP’s strong leadership core. Serving as the Vice President for Membership Activities for the last five years, I’ve been able to have first-hand experience with how strong we are as a union, how we fight daily for our membership and how we need to continue that fight, especially in the current climate of our contract negotiations and the uncertainty of the hard-earned benefits we‘ve all come to rely on.

Since 2009 I’ve been a union rep and steward representing our members and defending their rights and the contract. I’ve served on multiple contract negotiating teams and I chair the social and scholarship committees. I’ve been a delegate to several conventions, conferences and workshops, gaining valuable knowledge of the labor movement and the necessity of it. I’ve fought on the state level, fighting to keep UConn Health from privatization. That fight includes maintaining the benefits we have as unionized state employees. This is the type of dedication and passion I have for our union. That combined with my experience and knowledge is a benefit in my humble opinion.

I’m asking for your support and vote as members to do what you believe is best for our union as a whole. Allow UHP to continue the good fight and do so with members of leadership who have experience, knowledge and a thorough understanding of what it is UHP does for our membership and how to achieve our end goal. In my strongest opinion possible, that person is me.