Jan 2020 Membership Meeting

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Clinical perfusionist coordinator Ron Salonia addresses five visiting lawmakers, describing the life-sustaining work he does as a public employee at a public institution. "I am very proud of our heart team and proud to be a UConn Health Professional."
From left: Sen. Will Haskell and Rep. Russ Morin get a first-hand look at the UConn School of Medicine's virtual anatomy lab. Haskell: "We are excited and encouraged about the work that is being done here."
Inpatient psychiatry nurse Theresa Aisevbonaye shows her support for UConn Health as a public institution for the public good.
Sen. Majority Leader Bob Duff: "We support UConn Health as a public institution... None of us have ever advocated for a private hospital."
Rep. Mike Demicco, whose district includes UConn Health's main campus: "Public employees are the ones who make Connecticut the great state that it is... Keep doing what you're doing. We have your backs."
Radiology tech Peter Baranowski with Rep. Russ Morin, who earlier told us, "You have a lot of people standing not just behind you but with you."
UHP President Bill Garrity addresses the gathering at Keller.
From left: Rep. Russ Morin and Sen. Will Haskell tour the dental simulation lab. Haskell: "This is the epicenter for educating the next generation of medical professionals."
Rep. Gregg Haddad: "We are committed to maintaining UConn Health as THE public hospital in Connecticut."
IT Application architect Carol Underwood advocates for UConn Health to Rep. Morin.
1st VP Ivonne Hamm and Chief Steward Jean Morningstar check in members and sign them up for activist opportunities.