HEP on Hold

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An Urgent Message to all State Employees and Partnership Plan Members in the Health Enhancement Program:

This is a message to alert all State employees and Partnership Plan members that the Health Enhancement Program (HEP) requirements are indefinitely suspended until further notice for all HEP enrollees and their dependents.

This indefinite suspension is being implemented to alleviate the stress on all Connecticut physician and medical provider groups that must prioritize their focus on Covid-19 response and other emergencies that may arise. There will be no penalties implemented for outstanding HEP requirements for calendar year 2019. The calendar year 2020 compliance monitoring is suspended until further notice. Members will be notified when compliance monitoring resumes for 2020 and any corresponding compliance year extensions or additional penalty waivers.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and assure you that we will do our best to keep all employees informed of any other developments as they may arise.

Again, the goal of this indefinite suspension of HEP requirements, and elimination of any noncompliance penalties, is to reduce the strain on medical providers related to non-emergency visits.

As always, if you have any questions related to HEP, please email HEPquestions@Connect2YourHealth.com or call 877-687-1448.