Nominees Unopposed; No Elections This Year

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Nominations for UHP officer and delegate positions were due by Thursday, February 1, at 5 p.m. Members of the Elections Committee gathered in the UHP office after the closing of the nominations that afternoon to open the box housing all nominations. Trisha Faraday read each nomination while Laura Didden recorded each name (pictured here).

All UHP officer positions went unchallenged, meaning all the members of the UHP Executive Committee who are up for re-election will serve an additional two-year term without need for an election:

  • President – Bill Garrity
  • First Vice President – Ivonne Hamm
  • Treasurer – Michelle Proper
  • Recording Secretary – Laura Didden
  • VP Membership Activities – Shawn Brown
  • VP Political Activities – Robin Addison
  • VP Communication – Chris DeFrancesco

We had a lot of interest in UHP delegate positions to local committees, and to state and national conventions.  Congratulations to the following who became delegates to one or more committees and/or conventions, some delegates for the very first time: 

  • Robin Addison
  • Peter Baranowski*
  • Elizabeth Barrientos*
  • Ray Bennettson
  • Shawn Brown
  • Jean Castagno
  • Alyssa D’Ostilio
  • Swapna Das
  • Chris DeFrancesco
  • Laura Didden
  • Trish Faraday
  • Stacey Fostervold*
  • Chris Frechette
  • Joyce Fritz
  • Bill Garrity
  • Ivonne Hamm
  • Christine Judd*
  • Doug Kingsbury
  • Pierre LePage*
  • Jean Morningstar
  • Donna Napomoceno
  • Michelle Proper
  • Robin Roark
  • Connie Simons*
  • Dawn Thomas
  • Carol Underwood
  • Gloria Valentino
  • Joan Williams

*Delegate nominee had not yet accepted his/her nomination as of Feb. 5.