Recap: AFL-CIO Workshop on Mobilization

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Joyce Fritz, one of the UHP delegates to the 2017 CT AFL-CIO Convention, shares an experience from a workshop she attended. Joyce is pictured here with CT AFL-CIO President Lori Pelletier.

Just coming back from the 60th Anniversary AFL-CIO Conference, I am excited to share with my members about what I learned at a workshop titled, “Mobilizing Our Members to Build Strong Unions.”  

The truth is, unions are dying and we face many challenges ahead to keep unions strong. Some of the challenges that unions are facing are lack of interest by members to attend meetings or participate in union events, lack of education and engagement in politics, and lack of faith and knowledge about union history (i.e., gains and benefits)--therefore, lack of engaged new members for the future of our unions.

Here are some suggestions shared by union members about what can we do about it:

  • Education (workshops) and discussions are important to have to make union members feel important and to ask them what do they need and what do they think is at risk.  
  • Offer intense new member orientation making them realize how valuable unions are for today’s working people.  
  • Find out what talents lie in your members to get them involved.  

Unions must take credit for all the good things they do, so that our members can spread the good word. So as we move forward together, what can you do to help?

--Joyce Fritz