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Scholarship Success Story

UHP scholarship funds helped member Sabine Donato Dabady return to school for her BSN, and last year she earned her MSN in the adult gerontology nurse practitioner program at Western Connecticut State University.

We Are Under Attack

Less than 60 days until the November 2018 election of a new Connecticut governor, we, as state employees, have a choice to make. Not just Republican or Democrat, not conservative or progressive, our choice should be a lot easier.

We are under attack and fighting for our livelihood. 

After Janus, We’re in It to Win It

(AFT, JUNE 28, 2018)--In a decision that surprised no one, the U.S. Supreme Court today ruled against working people and in favor of billionaires and corporate interests in Janus v. AFSCME Council 31, holding that requiring fair-share fees in public sector workplaces violates the First Amendment of the Constitution.

AFT CT 2018 Convention

Delegates endorsed Ned Lamont for governor. Click MORE for a recap from AFT CT President Jan Hochadel, view photos here, and see this video from AFT CT Chief of Staff Stuart Salvekoul, who drops truth on the anti-labor forces at work, including those behind the fallacy of "Right to Work."


Update on Furloughs, Longevity, Lump Sum

Word from payroll:

  • Deadline to use furlough time is June 30,. 
  • Both the $2,000 lump sum and the April 2018 longevity payment (for those eligible) will show up in the paycheck dated July 20.

Added May 3: Additional information about changing your withholdings for the July 20 paycheck.