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AFT CT 2018 Convention

Delegates endorsed Ned Lamont for governor. Click MORE for a recap from AFT CT President Jan Hochadel, view photos here, and see this video from AFT CT Chief of Staff Stuart Salvekoul, who drops truth on the anti-labor forces at work, including those behind the fallacy of "Right to Work."


Update on Furloughs, Longevity, Lump Sum

Word from payroll:

  • Deadline to use furlough time is June 30,. 
  • Both the $2,000 lump sum and the April 2018 longevity payment (for those eligible) will show up in the paycheck dated July 20.

Added May 3: Additional information about changing your withholdings for the July 20 paycheck.


Defending OT in Pension Calculations

STATE CAPITOL, MARCH 15, 2018--UHP President Bill Garrity was back at the Legislative Office Building today to testify before the Labor and Public Employees Committee over SB 461, "An Act Omitting Certain Pay From a State Employee's Final Average Salary Calculation on or After July 1, 2021."

Read his testimony.