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Nursing Achievements Needed

Do you know a nurse who, since April 2019, has earned an academic degree advancement or professional certificatin, been published, or presented a lecture or poster at a professional conference between April 2019 and March 2020? 



Three UHP members were among those from the UConn Health Labor Coalition who tesified before the Appropriations Committee Feb. 18, in a continuing effort to advocate for investment in UConn Health as a public asset.


Fast and Loose With Our Contract

UHP leadership recently posted an update on a decision by management to start bringing in nurses at the CN3 level, in what we believe to be in clear violation of our contract.

UPDATE (Jan. 24): We had our Step 2 grievance hearing this morning, argued by President Bill Garrity, 1st VP Ivonne Hamm, Chief Steward Jean Morningstar, and junior steward Gloria Valentino (CN2).

What I Have Learned

President Bill Garrity now has an insider's perspective on what it's like for a union member to run for elected office.


'We Win'

On Our Displaced Correctional Pharmacy Employees: ‘We Win’

The state, UConn Health, and DOC all decided that they did not want to have to answer to an injunction in court, President Bill Garrity explains.