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Preferred Provider Update

Some information from the Office of the State Comptroller to SEBAC about Preferred Providers

Plus, a letter about the Anthem/Hartford Healthcare dispute


Contract Updates

Our new contract is in force, and we'll have a signing ceremony after the lawyers get done with their part. Meantime:

We've been getting questions about comp time payouts.

Also, some clarification about cargiver FMLA.



UHP Represents at CT AFL-CIO Convention

UHP sent seven delegates to the 2017 CT AFL-CIO Convention, Oct. 4-6 at Foxwoods.

  • Bill Garrity
  • Ivonne Hamm
  • Michelle Proper
  • Chris DeFrancesco
  • Joyce Fritz
  • Elizabeth Barrientos 
  • Jean Morningstar


Recap: AFL-CIO Workshop on Mobilization

Joyce Fritz, one of the UHP delegates to the 2017 CT AFL-CIO Convention, shares an experience from a workshop she attended, “Mobilizing Our Members to Build Strong Unions.”  

UHP, SEBAC Deals Win Final Legislative Approval

(UPDATED JULY 31, 2017)--The SEBAC agreement and the 33 local union contracts tied to it now have final legislative approval. Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman cast the deciding vote in a deadlocked Senate to uphold the agreements that had been ratified by unionized state employees and the State House earlier this month.

Why I'm Voting YES to SEBAC

As we hold our ratification vote, our VP for Communication shares his personal thoughts on why he supports the SEBAC deal (as well as the UHP contract).

Update: SEBAC TA Awaits Ratification

(JUNE 26, 2017)--Please see the latest from AFT CT President Jan Hochadel.
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