Standing With Starbucks Workers

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Stephanie Rauch rocks her union shirt while taking part, including using the name Rosina Corrothers Tucker to order her coffee
Ed Hawthorne, Erick Russell, Peter Zarabozo, Meg Bartos, Juliet Creary, Bill Garrity, Travis Glenney, Chris DeFrancesco, Rich Vance
Isolde Bates, Rich Vance, Sen. Blumenthal, Stephanie Rauch
Chris DeFrancesco, Rep. Josh Elliott, Ed Hawthorne, Travis Glenney, Rich Vanc, Darnell Ford, Isolde Bates, Stephanie Rauch
More union activists from AFT and other AFL-CIO affiliated unions with Reps. Tammy Exum and Ed Vargus (and our Rich Vance in this one too!)
Our members with Sen. Blumenthal, treasurer candidate Erick Russell, and barista/organizer Travis Glenney (center) include Rich Vance, Bill Garrity, Juliet Creary, Chris DeFrancesco