#HealthCareProud: Stories Wanted

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UHP members, here's what our friends at the state fed are looking for from us. Whom would you nominate for a video?
Nationally, our collective vision of an economy that works for all is under grave assault by the new administration in the White House. Here in Connecticut, the governor has proposed more austerity budget cuts and several lawmakers have raised bills that roll-back collective bargaining rights and vital benefits for union members’ families.
That's why we are launching a new campaign to fight for the investment in our public schools, health care and public services that Connecticut residents deserve. It's an opportunity to showcase the great work done by our members every day, and to build capacity in our local unions to fight back effectively in this moment — and in the years to come.
Take a moment to plan a brief smart phone video featuring your members showing their union pride and talking about the important work they do. A few tips:
  • Keep the message short and sharp — for example, focus on how the governor's budget or lawmaker's anti-union bills will make it harder to do your jobs or for families to count on services;
  • Assemble a small team to capture the message — strategize on what you want to say and who should say it (i.e., students, patients, clients, families, community members, union members, etc.);
  • Ask members questions that will help draw out compelling responses — 
  • If your job or program was eliminated or reduced, how would that affect your community?

  • What is the value of what you do every day?
  • Why do you love your work?

Share on social media with the campaign hashtags — 

We are asking for completed videos to be sent to AFT Connecticut by May 1 so we can show highlights at our annual business convention on Saturday, May 13.
Please email cdefrancesco@uhp3837.com to find out how you can help!