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March at the Capitol Against Proposed State Budget

Surely you've heard by now, the proposed state budget would deal a crippling blow to the University of Connecticut, and especially UConn Health--to the point where there's talk of having to close UConn Health, or at least parts of it.

The good news is Gov. Malloy has publicly declared he's vetoing it. The bad news is, once he does, there's no certainty that the next budget proposal will be much better.

This is why we need to have our elected officials' ears. A state budget that severely cuts funding to the University would put the future of UConn Health--and our livelihoods--in serious jeopardy. Let's make sure they hear us!

Friday at noon we are crowding as many UConn folks as we can--employees, faculty, students--into the Legislative Office Building to send the message to our elected officials loud and clear: Come up with a state budget that works for working people and that doesn't threaten to decimate our University and shutter the state's only public academic medical center.

Consider what's at stake here. We are calling on our members to sacrifice a few hours of their work day Friday and join UHP as we stand together with the other UConn Health unions, students, staff and faculty from all UConn campuses, alumni, and other University supporters. Let's show our strength in numbers and make it clear that the folks they represent are demanding they keep our University solvent and thriving!

We understand this is a big ask. Taking time from work on short notice is not easy. But there's nothing easy about what we, the working people of UConn Health, are facing today. If there's ever a time for us to show our elected officials--and the public--that this is a bad budget for the state, it's now. If we don't send the message that we care, how can we ask the decision makers to care?

Can we count on you to join us in this fight?

Click here for more details, including a flier you can share with coworkers.

Please reply to this message or call the office (860.676.8444) if you need a ride to the Capitol. Otherwise, grab some coworkers and we'll see you downtown Friday at noon!
In solidarity,

UHP Executive Committee

Bill Garrity, President
Ivonne Hamm, 1st VP for Collective Bargaining
Lucille Miller, Chief Steward
Michelle Proper, Treasurer
Laura Didden, Recording Secretary
Robin Washington Addison, VP for Political Activities
Ray Bennettson, VP for Tier I Employees
Doug Kingsbury, VP for Tier II Employees
Shawn Brown, VP for Membership Activities
Trisha Faraday, VP for Community Outreach
Chris DeFrancesco, VP for Communication


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