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State Budget Proposals Demand Action

The governor presented his proposed 2017 state budget package in a Feb. 8 speech that should serve as a call to action for all union members. As expected, his plan looks a lot like the same one he put forward last year — again premised on austerity policies that threaten our state's quality of life.

Feb 21: Speak Out to Save Health & Retirement Benefits

Anti-worker politicians in the Connecticut legislature are trying to silence the voices of teachers, firefighters and all public employees and strip their rights to negotiate a better future. A proposed bill would roll-back the ability to collectively bargain over pensions or medical insurance, stealing working families’ access to affordable care or retirement security.
Join us at the public hearing on this bill and help build resistance to attacks on working families at the State Capitol.

Get Involved in UConn Health's Nursing Journey to Excellence!

Get Involved in UConn Health's Nursing Journey to Excellence!


  • If you are considering joining one of the councils, please find the detailed description of each council's function/accountability to aid in your selection.
  • It's easy to join, simply send an email to Sue Ellen Goodrich indicating your interest along with the name of the council that you would like to join.

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Reaction to Gov. Malloy's "State of the State" Speech

Following is from AFT Connecticut:

Gov. Malloy’s reference to "state employee concessions" during his "State of the State" address may give some the impression that the governor expects a small minority of the population to resolve Connecticut's fiscal challenges. The reality is that the scope of the problems facing us all requires a broader, far more comprehensive approach.

As always, our union is willing to work with state elected leaders to find a way forward in a difficult economic environment. Our members do important work and are an economic asset.