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Lamont to Public Employees: 'Thank You'

Working Together to Protect State Employees' Health & Safety

Governor Ned Lamont in mid March offered his personal thanks and gratitude to state employees weathering the impact of the global COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic on Connecticut. His message was amplified by public health professionals who provided personal infection prevention tips, help with identifying symptoms and steps for seeking text and treatment of the disease.

Click here to watch and share their collective public service message, prepared for the members of the unions in the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC). The project was spearheaded by the UConn Health Labor Coalition, which includes the seven locals representing the health, academic and research staff at the public institution’s Farmington campus and satellite facilities.

Access the latest official COVID19 pandemic information for the general public:

Access the latest relevant updates for state employees:

Videographer: Neal Thomassen,  

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Additional Photos: Council 4 AFSCMEConnecticut Employees Union Independent, SEIU Local 511Connecticut Police & Fire Union, IAFF Local S-15

AFT: Building Power Through Collective Bargaining

Building Power Through Collective Bargaining

The work AFT members have done over the past year has been phenomenal, and this new video captures it by showing the powerful gains we've made as we raised our voices in the streets, in the press and through collective bargaining.

We've won contracts that have improved schools by leaps and bounds, won legislation that's funded education and protected patients, and scored countless wins for working people and their communities.

When people lose power, they respond in one of two ways: agonize or organize. As a union, we choose organize every single time.

Bill on Janus

180626 Bill Janus Take1

(JUNE 27, 2018)--The ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court is in, siding, as expected, with the so-called "Right to Work" movement. Please watch this two-minute message from UHP President Bill Garrity and share with co-workers.

Janus v. AFSCME | On The Record | AFSCME Video

Janus v. AFSCME | On The Record | AFSCME Video

Take two and a half minutes to watch this video from our brothers and sisters as AFSCME about what's at stake with the Janus case... and share with any working people you know!

Janus is on the U.S.Supreme Court docket for Feb. 26, 2018.

UHP president testifies for collective bargaining rights

UHP president before the Labor and Public Employees Committee
UHP President Bill Garrity testified before the Labor and Public Employees Committee Feb. 21, 2017.

"It's a divide-and-conquer bill. This is not a way to manage or to govern."

Audio is courtesy of CTN's streaming video, as is one of the stills used in this clip. The other photo is from Matt O'Connor from AFT CT.
Please follow UHP on Facebook and check in regularly on UHP's website to stay informed and learn how you can help in the fight to maintain collective bargaining rights.

The actual CTN video is available here.

UHP Lip Sync Battle #1

UHP Lip Sync Battle #1

Highlights of the first UHP Lip Sync Battle, Feb. 16, 2017, at Keller Auditorium, presented by Shawn Brown and Trisha Faraday. Special thanks to Laura Didden for the video footage. We claim no copyright to any of the music our performers used.