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CT Mythbusters - The Facts (And Fictions) about Public Service Workers

Are you tired of all the lies being spread about public service workers by Tom Foley, Governor Rell and others who have no idea what work we do, and why we do it? Are you looking for new ways to mobilize and for the tools to help you become a voice for truth and reason in the media and the community?

You’ll find the answers at

This online hub produced by SEBAC, the coalition of all state employee unions, provides union members with:

  • A place to find the facts - Find easy to use data to debunk the lies being told about state worker pensions, benefits, and wages.
  • Stories and quotes to respond to - Read news about public service workers and quotes by the  candidates from the campaign trail.
  •  A mechanism for speaking out - Write letters to the editor, post comments on blogs and online articles, sign up for media training and tell your individual story.

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