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Welcome to UHP — Here's a quick introduction to your union!

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UHP Contract 2021-25


CBA infographic definition

A periodic primer of union rights and privileges from our state federation, AFT CT

CBA — Collective Bargaining Agreement (added Feb. 2, 2024)

Bargaining in Good Faith (added Jan. 5, 2024)

Weingarten Rights (added Aug. 22, 2023)



Notification of Election: March 18, 2024

Delegates to the CT AFL-CIO Convention
June 27-28 in New Haven

Online voting will be open March 18-24.
Absentee balloting will be available by appointment in the UHP Office the week prior.

Voting is open to all members in good standing.


The UHP Scholarship Committee is accepting scholarship applications through Feb. 29. See additional details on eligibility and the application process.

Plus, we have some information on scholarship opportunities available through our affiliations with AFT CT, AFT national, and CT AFL-CIO.

group portrait with Fund Our Dreams banner

See (and hear) highlights from our presence at the state Capitol Feb. 20, when we joined our UConn union siblings and even UConn leadership in demanding proper state investment in higher education.


Our lawmakers have a say in our future, and as public employees, that includes our labor contracts!

These meetings are a great opportunity to speak with our elected officials in casual, small group settings. It's a chance to let them know the issues that are important to you as a constituent and to working families in general.

Find the one near you, get a colleague to come along, and RSVP — let our lawmakers know we're paying attention, we have voices, and we vote!

Higher Ed Night invitation graphic

Some guidance from AFT CT on how we can harness the power of our collective voice at legislative hearings.

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Join us March 1

Legislative Session Opens

Scholarship Opportunities

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