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We have a deal with UConn Health to implement long-overdue market adjustments for our nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in the most critically understaffed areas!

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We have a deal! Here are some frequently asked questions about our next contract. MORE
All six of this year's winners of the Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing are our members! Meet the 2022 honorees, with video profiles created by UHP members Ethan Giorgetti, Frank Barton, and Carolyn Pennington. MORE

Our elected officials have a say in our future as state employees, so it's important they hear from us!

Find out who your elected officials are and how to reach them by using this tool on the Connecticut General Assembly's website:

It didn't take quite as long as our contract, but we have a settlement for our grievance over how some of our members were (not) compensated for working during the snowstorm of Feb. 1, 2021. MORE
Our elected officials have spoken, and our contract is approved! Please see this important message from our Negotiations Team for more details. MORE