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Market Adjustment for Critically Understaffed Clinician Titles

We have a deal with UConn Health to implement long-overdue market adjustments for our nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in the most critically understaffed areas. 

Notably, effective July 15:

  • Our staff nurse CN1, CN2, CN3, and CN4 titles are moving up two salary groups (from 6 through 9 to 8 through 11).
  • Assistant nurse managers are move up two salary groups commensurate with their current CN placement, and their stipend is doubling, to $8,320.
  • Nurse practitioners, lead nurse practitioners, phsyician assistants, and lead physician assistants are moving up to salary group 18. (This is an increase from group 16 for all except those at group 17, which include neurosurgeon PAs and lead neurosurgeon PAs.)
  • Administrative nurse supervisors are oving from group 12 to 14.

Additionally, we've signed two other memoranda of understanding (MOA) that extend and make some adjustments to the recruitment and retention stipends for those working or floating to critically understaffed areas.

See all three MOA documents for complete details.

See the updated pay grids corresponding with our new contract.

It's important to understand, these agreements were reached as the result of a collaborative effort with UConn Health to address critical staffing shortages. These market adjustments are a first step in improving retention and helping with recruitment.

It's understandable that some may feel left behind by not being include in these agreements. The reality is, the staffing situations in the areas we've addressed were simply unsustainable. You have to start somewhere, so the's where we started, with both sides working together toward a win-win solution. Longer-term, it's an encouraging sign that we can identify a common objective and collaborate to solve it.

While we believe the MOAs signed June 8 represent a long-fought victory for our members, rest assured, we are not sitting back with our feet up and claiming our work here is done. We made it very clear during our contract negotiations that there are many, many titles that are in need of re-evaluation.

Bill breaks it down with CNO Caryl Ryan and Lakeesha Brown from HR:

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