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UHP Members Sick Bank

The following UHP member needs vacation and/or comp time donations to her sick leave bank:

  • Sherry Warner, Histology

UHP members willing to donate vacation and/or comp time must complete the UHP Sick Bank Donation Form form, be sure to sign, and fax the completed form to 860-679-4660, Attn: Dala Grabowski in Human Resources.

Note that AAUP faculty members also have the option of donating time to UHP members.

Please note: Confidentiality and dignity are observed in all areas of this process. The members are not notified of the identity of the donors. So to the donors ... on behalf of the members who are listed, please accept their most sincere and heartfelt thanks for your generous contribution and your kindness.

If you have any problem obtaining the sick bank form, call the union office at 860-676-8444.

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