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Shaneé Reid, Candidate, VP for Memership Activities

Hi my name Is Shaneé Reid. I’m running for the next VP of Membership Activities. I have been a part of the UConn family for 18 years. Fourteen of those years include being an active member in UHP. I’ve dedicated my time over the years by working in various departments within UCH. I have experience in UConn’s administrative, clerical, clinical and research. I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with many of you through the Huskybuy Help desk. As your next VP of Membership Activities I look forward to not only connecting with more of you but also, meeting with you all on your current questions and/or concerns we face as employees and taking into account any new ideas. I would also like to gather insight on how we can continue to give back to those in need as this is an additional interest of mine. UConn strives to provide the best quality of care and we’d be wise to remember, one day it could be a loved one or one of us in need. We should have an opened heart to give.

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