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2020 Scholarships Awarded

Congratulations to our 2020 scholarship awardees!

Tom Alsgaard

  • Alexander Colon (Medical Assistant in Clinical Neurophysiology)

Rick Michaud

  • Rachel King (Executive Assistant in Connecticut Convergence Institute)

Bonnie Bordwel Beattie 

  • Gillian Fulton (Member is Karen Callahan in OB)
  • Olivia Peterson (Member is Sara Peterson in Genetics)
  • Brandon Miller (Member is Mary-Margaret Miller in OR)
  • Jared Moore (Member is Margaret Moore in Psychiatry)
  • Morgan Sokol (Member is Kimberly Sokol in Radiology)

Jean Morningstar

  • Angelina Zacharias (Member is Mariam Zacharias in ECT)
  • Bailey Edgren (Member is Judith Edgren in Pharmacy)
  • Sylvia Boucher (Member is Gina Saccone in Finance)
  • Nathan Wetherell (Member is Karen Elliott in Endocrine)
  • Jadah Smith (Member is Johanna Tirado in Internal Medicine)

Thank you to our scholarship committee members for their hard work!

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