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2021 Convention, Scholarship Winners

APRIL 15, 2021—The 2021 UHP annual business convention was held via Zoom. We amended the constitution to clarify that the elections committee has the option to allow electronic/digital nominations for delegates and future proposed amendments.

We presented this year's budget and last year's audit. The audit once again received the highest marks from the independent auditor. Members in good standing my view these documents in the office by arranging a time with Michelle Proper, our treasurer.

Lastly, congratulations to this year's scholarship recipients:

Rick Michaud

  • Tori Pascoe

Tom Alsgaard

  • Marlena Wojtylo (Parzych)- 

Bonnie Bordwell Beattie

  • Tyler Mackowski (dependent of Jennifer Mackowski)
  • Evan Reynolds (dependent of Mandy Reynolds)
  • James Chen (dependent of of Xintao Wei)
  • Jeffrey Cormier (dependent of Elise Kabela-Cormier)
  • Caitlin Ith (dependent of Chamnan Son)

Jean Morningstar

  • Olivia Peterson (dependent of Sara Peterson)
  • Esai Vazquez-Marentes (dependent of Angel Ruiz)
  • Sean Moran (dependent of Andrea Moran)
  • Grace Smedberg (dependent of Jennifer Cefaratti)
  • Haleigh Schmidt (dependent of Amy Schmidt)

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