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Saluting UHP's Veterans

Airman in front of plane
Air National Guard Capt. Michael H. Wilhelm and Capt. Alejandro Bautista, (former member, now per diem nurse anesthetist)

We'd like to acknowledge the following members for their military service:

Capt. Michael H. Wilhelm serves with 103rd Medical Group in Bradley Air Force Base, Windsor Locks, and is in charge of training in the state of Connecticut for life support classes and also serves as an certified registered nurse anesthetist with the Critical Care Air Transport Team. Mike has been a CRNA at UConn Health since 2017.

Ed Roden in Air National Guard fatigues
Air National Guard Lt. Col. Ed Roden

Lt. Col. Ed Roden is currently the commander of the 105th Detachment-1 Medical Element (MEDEL), which is the medical response component of the Homeland Response Force for FEMA Region II and provides sophisticated, short-duration, pre-hospital emergency medical triage and treatment during a mass casualty incident with the ability to stabilize and treat 330 patients in a 12 hour period. He has also served as the lead medical officer in the State Partnership Program (SPP) between Brazil and New York National Guard. The SPP is a program initiated by the Department of Defense to promote military to military relationships and security cooperation between the U.S. and foreign nations. The program aims to enhance international security, build enduring partnerships and promote regional stability through military and civilian exchanges. Ed has been a CRNA at UConn Health since 2013.

Lisa Zahina Navy portrait
U.S. Navy veteran Lisa Zahina

Lisa Zahina joined the U.S. Navy right at age 17, initially training in Orlando. She served eight years, during which time she was in Iowa, California, and Pearl Harbor. "I come from a family military," Lisa says. "My grandfather was in the Army. My father was a Marine along with his brothers. My son also joined the Army." Lisa is a staff nurse CN3 on the medical/ surgical/ oncology unit.

Cindy Valdez Army portrait

Cindy Valdez served in the U.S. Army 344th Military Police Company. She served overseas during Operation Enduring Freedom in Cuba, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Cindy joined UConn Health in 2002 and is the administrative program coordinator for volunteer and guest services.

Ricardo Watkins Navy portrait
U.S. Navy veteran Ricardo Watkins

Ricardo Watkins served in the U.S. Navy from 1987 to 1990. Ricardo joined UConn Health in 2007 and is the clinical coordinator in the Comprehensive Spine Center.

Rob Sutton with Army in Sarajevo
Rob Sutton with the U.S. Army in Sarjevo in the late 90s

Rob Sutton served in the U.S. Army from 1995 to 1999, with a rank of specialist at discharge. Rob joined UConn Health in 2011. He is an infrastructure architect in IT network security.

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