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Looking out for You: Operation Fuel

Operation Fuel is a nonprofit that this winter is providing grants up to $1,000 in heating assistance for qualified residents.

The program was recently bolstered by a settlement with Eversource in which Eversource gave $10 million to the program.

The income cut-off is higher than normal for most programs like this.

I am sure many of our members who are low to low/middle income would greatly benefit from using this program. I am sure members in lower salary grades likely live paycheck-to-paycheck and the recent increases in energy costs is squeezing them. 

Read more about it CT Examiner.

See details on how to apply.

Also as a side note:  If you haven't already, consider switching your electric supplier to a third party ASAP (such as Constellation Energy*). ~16.5 cent/kWh vs Eversource 24.2/kWh.

*Note, Constellation is merely an example, not intended as an endoresement of any particular supplier. You can find what might work best for you with online resources like Energize CT.

In solidarity, Peter Zarabozzo, VP Tier II Employees

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