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Memorandum of Agreement: COVID Vax Policy

Dr. Andy announced Tuesday evening (Aug. 17) a policy extending the University's COVID-19 vaccination requirement to employees. This policy was formulated with input from UHP and unions representing other UConn employees.

See the policy document as well as the procedures document, exemption request form and deferral request form.

Regardless of your position on the vaccine or whether anyone should be required to get it, it's important to understand that some version of this policy was going to happen whether we were at the table or not. With the unions at the table, we were able to secure a memorandum of agreement (MOA) that aims to allow for a fair and reasonable process that takes into consideration medical exemptions and religious exemptions, enables employees to get vaccinated (and tested when applicable) on work time, and upholds our rights to challenge discipline under our established grievance process. 

See the signed MOA.

Finally, we're including an additional resource for your reference: the slides from a recent presentation by the lawyers retained by AFT CT titled "Mandatory Vaccinations and the Duty to Bargain."

Please call the office, stop at an information table, speak to your union rep, or email with questions or concerns.

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