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Mobilization in Montana

Recently our Jean Castagno (right), a clinical office assistant in dermatology, was part of a group of union activists who went to Helena, Montana, to work with the newly merged Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE). It was part of AFT’s Member Organizing Institute (MOI) program. Here's what she had to say about it:

This experience defines what it means to be "union-ited" with your brothers and sisters across our proud nation. The MFPE members there learned about their new benefits: Their 50-cents-an-hour raise as of 2020 and 20201, their health care costs frozen for several years, bills in the legislature to protect public workers from unfair labor practices, and much more. Our unions, AFT and NEA, were there heralding this news to Montanans as these changes were happening.

When the members realized the power of their union, recommitment was a very easy ask!

Everyone of us that participated realized that this opportunity was a clarion call that we answered and it was an honor to be apart of it. The gratitude and openness that came from our brothers and sisters in Montana was, and still is, overwhelming. New friendships, many lessons learned and self-growth beyond imagination -- Truly a heart-felt gift!

I would encourage all union members to consider getting involved with the MOI.

(Photo credit: AFT CT Twitter)

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