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Parting Words From Retiring VP Tier II, Doug Kingsbury

Doug Kingsbury (standing in the very back) has been our vice president for Tier II employees since July 2017, but his involvement goes back much further. He was a longtime union rep and helped negotiate every contract we've had since 1998. While we wish him the best in retirement, we couldn't let him leave without a few questions!

What will you miss most about being involved with UHP?

I will miss my diverse union brothers and sisters who work so hard to unite our UHP local and push the labor movement forward.

If 2021 Doug could have a conversation with 1991 Doug, what would you tell your younger self?

2021 Doug would tell 1991 Doug to actually read the contract; it might save some confusion with supervisors.

How did you end up at UConn Health?

I ended up at UConn Health because my mom saw a job listing for a mass spectrometrist in the Hartford Courant. It was a perfect fit because I was working at UConn Storrs in that capacity. I thought I would work here for three to five years, adding the experience to my resume. Wow, 30 years later...

What's your perspective on how UConn Health has changed/evolved over your 30 years here?

With Jackson Lab and the new hospital our footprint in the community has certainly changed. Internally we are all asked to do more with less and yet I work with many people who have been here longer than I have. I think that speaks to our collective commitment.

What's next for you?

I have many hobbies that I never make time for. Habitat for Humanity always needs volunteers, but I really have no structured plans. When the pandemic is done, we'll definitely travel. 

Final thoughts?

Never be afraid to get involved. LIFE IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT. I became engaged in union activities to change the vacation sign-up section in the contract. That led to my first contract negotiation. Becoming a union rep for lab medicine was next, then being curious about our dues led to the finance committee. The executive committee gave me a voice at the "grownups table." I am very opinionated but not always right. It has been humbling to work with such smart, passionate people.

We'll miss you, Doug — thank you for your decades of service to the state and to us, the UHP membership. Have a happy, health, long retirement!

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