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Preferred Provider Update

Here’s some information from the Office of the State Comptroller to SEBAC about Preferred Providers:

Note that until the Anthem/Hartford Healthcare dispute ends, Anthem members who select a Hartford Healthcare provider should confirm coverage by calling the number on the back of their card, and following the prompt that allows them to check with a live person immediately and make sure the physician is still in network.

For Anthem the lists are here:

There is also a link to their provider lookup tool within the PDF as well as a listing of all tier 1 providers and preferred site of service facilities.

Here is a letter to Anthem members about the Hartford Healthcare dispute:
PDF iconhhc_dispute.10.18.2017.pdf

United folks should use the Oxford lookup tool and look for the two blue hearts "premium" designation – see description below:

Visits to "Preferred"/Tier 1 PCPs and Specialists (those with 2 full blue hearts) in the state of Connecticut will have a $0 copay; visits to non-"Preferred" (less than 2 full blue hearts) specialists not in one of the above specialties, or visits to Participating providers outside of the state of Connecticut will have a $15 copayment.

*Note: Non-HEP members utilizing a Tier 1 provider will be required to meet their $350 in-network deductible prior to services being covered at $0 copay.

We are continuing to work with both carriers to improve their websites to make them more user friendly for this purpose.

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