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Recognition for 47 UHP Members

Congratulations to the UHP members who recently were recognized with a PAWS or TEAM award!


Sara Costa, Computed Tomography (CT) Tech2, Radiology

Amy Crose, Staff Nurse CN2, OB/GYN

Emy Flores, Administrative Program Assistant 2, General Surgery

Jeanne Hurst, Ophthalmology Technician, UMG-Surgery – Ophthalmology

Melisa Holloway, Clinic Office Assistant, UMG-IMA West Hartford

Jennifer Zelek, Staff Nurse CN2 – Outpatient, Radiation Oncology Nursing

Harmony Lipeika, Business System Analyst, Strategic Projects & Clinical Systems

Patrycja Luke, Administrative Program Assistant 2, UMG-Neurosurgery

Madeline Medina, Clinic Office Assistant, UMG-Neurosurgery

Pamela Miles, Clinical Practice Manager, School of Dental Medicine Educational Clinics Administration

Christopher Napolitano, Mental Health Clinician, Psychiatric Clinic

Alison Pohl, Research Compliance Monitor 2, Research Compliance Services

Rob Sutton, Infrastructure Architect, Unified Communications

Marie Ziello, Social Worker 2, Department of Social Work


Center for Perioperative Medicine Team

  • Nicole Cronan 
  • Gina Fratini
  • January Giudice
  • Lisa Hannon
  • Melissa Lang
  • Leslie Noe
  • Susan Samsel
  • Meagan Zolla

GI Team

  • Annina Chase
  • Michelle Gaity
  • Linda Mladek
  • Michael Wilhelm

Graduate Medical Education

  • Stephen Bayley
  • Melissa Demetro
  • Jill Goldsmith
  • Michelle Huynh
  • Bethany Steinway 

Labor and Delivery – Water Main Break Team

  • Tara Distasio
  • Beth Dickens
  • Jen Charette
  • Patty Dos Santos
  • Lina Godfrey

Office of Logistics Management Property Team

  • Kimberlee Varasconi

Pohl and Wallace Team

  • Alison Pohl
  • Ron Wallace

Stroke Alert Responding Team

  • Nichole Albini
  • Lyndsay Escajeda*
  • Sean Johnston
  • Alexis Perry
  • Elsy Sajan
  • Michelle Santos
  • Rebecca Sopelak
  • Jennifer Sposito

*Lindsay since has been promoted out of the bargaining unit.

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