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Taking Vacation Time in 2023? Read This Now!

Our clinical staff vacation request period is upon us, and with that comes a friendly reminder about our contract language on this process.

From Article 13:

f. Vacation Scheduling. Notwithstanding any language in this Article to the contrary, the parties agree that work units covered under 12. I.e (JDH, UMG, Dental Clinics, University Dentists, and Daycare) and not covered by a separate agreement will schedule vacations in accordance with the following:

  1. Supervisors will post schedules for Major Holidays by September 1st for the following year. Major Holiday assignments will be rotated among employees each year. The holiday schedule takes precedence over the vacation schedule.
  2. To assist in the scheduling of vacation time, employees may submit vacation requests between September 1 and September 15 of each year. Employees may request time for the period of January 1 through December 31 of the next year. Requests will be granted in seniority order, giving precedence to those requesting a full workweek. Part timers requesting their entire workweek off meet this requirement. The vacation schedule will be posted on September 30.

There is a good deal more in Article 13, but we want to make sure everyone remembers to request their vacation time in accordance with the contract.

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