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Thank You, on Behalf of Prudence Crandall

Maria Carlson, develpment manager, accepts our donations to the Prudence Crandall Center. 

Thank you all for your generosity in supporting the Prudence Crandall Center with your impressive donations — My SUV was packed FULL, front seat, back seat and the whole trunk area! 

I didn't have room for much more!

They were very thankful, and especially right now as the emergency shelters were almost out of food. Your donations replenished those shelves and more!

This is why we waited and kept the drive going through and past the holidays, because now is when they really NEED this help, after the holidays when not as many donations come in.

Thank you again to all who participated and making us UHP proud!

In Solidarity,

Robin Washington Addison
VP for Community Outreach

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