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UHP at Higher Ed Night

Lori Cannon testifying via Zoom

Member Lori Cannon testifies about the difference UConn Health has made in her life, from the perspective of a patient. 

Watch/hear Lori's testimony on

Bill speaking at news conference

President Bill Garrity speaks at a UConn Labor Coalition news conference.

Watch/hear Bill's remarks on UHP Facebook (no sign-in needed to watch).

Chris testifying at Legislative Office Building hearing room

VP Comms Chris DeFrancesco testifies to the appropriations committee.

Watch/hear Chris' testimony on

Bill testifying in Legislative Office Building hearing room

President Bill Garrity testifies to the appropriations committee.

Watch/hear Bill's testimony on

group portrait with Fund Our Dreams banner
Bill, Chris, VP Tier II (hourly) Employees Peter Zarabozo (and son!), and VP Political Activities Dawn Thomas represent UHP at Higher Ed Night:

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