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Yard Goats: Game Never Played, but Still a Win

Hi to all!

I’m so bummed we missed our group outing/fundraiser due to a crazy hurricane! But I hope everyone got through it without any issues and is doing well! Go figure, the one game that gets canceled… what did Charlie Brown always say? Good grief!

I hope all or most of you were able to take advantage of trading in your tickets to see another Yard Goats game. If you haven’t you still can but the season only goes until Sept. 19, so be quick! Bring those current tickets to the Yard Goats box office at 1214 Main St. in Hartford and exchange away — yes it’s that easy!

Thank you to all who supported this event. Even though we didn’t actually get to attend we still had 29 tickets donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs from some wonderful members and some non members paying it forward — Way to go!

(FYI The Boys and Girls Club tickets recipients have traded their tickets in for other games already.) I personally brought those tickets to the Boy’s and Girls Club and was privileged to meet a few of the wonderful children (pictured with Director of Community Partnerships D'Andre Esposito and me). They were very happy and excited to receive these tickets!

Also, remember, $2 from each ticket sold goes to ‘Prudence Crandall’ a local nonprofit that provides a safe and secure home for women and children survivors of domestic violence. Because we sold out, that meant a donation of approximately $250! So applause to all who helped with this event, hopefully next year we will get better weather! 

Look for messages from me soon for upcoming events.

As always I am open to any suggestions for a community outreach project. I know you all have some great ideas — Let’s hear them, and stay safe!

In Solidarity,

Robin Washington Addison

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