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Fact Sheet: Tentative Agreement

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UHP & UCHC-Tentative Contract Agreement

July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2025

 Contract Year

General Wage Increase (GWI)

Step Increase



2.5% GWI (Retroactive to pay period beginning 07/02/21)

Step increase Retroactive to pay period beginning 01/14/22

(If at top step: $1,200 top step bonus)

$2,500 lump sum payable as soon as practical upon legislative approval


2.5% GWI effective pay period beginning 07/01/22

Step increase - effective pay period beginning 01/13/23

(If at top step: $1,200 top step bonus)

$1,000 lump sum effective 07/14/22


2.5% GWI effective pay period beginning 07/14/23

Step increase - effective pay period beginning 01/12/24

(If at top step: $1,200 top step bonus)



REOPENER only on GWI and Steps Increases. Will negotiate GWI and steps for this period. Reopener does not mean zero.

Total Summary:

4-year contract

7.69% General Wage Increase (once compounded)

3 Steps - Top step > Increased by $450

$3,500 lump sum payment


Tier 1A Classification is being red circle/eliminated

  • Current Tier 1A members will be placed in Tier 2, shall continue to accumulate vacation hours at the Tier 1 rate, provided they remain in their current job title, are promoted or are transferred to a position that had a previous designation of Tier 1A (Ex. COA to a PSR).

Preceptor Pay

  • $1 an hour for RNs who complete precepting course for all hours spent precepting

Staffing Issues Committee

  • UHP and UConn Health have agreed to establish staffing committees in Ancillary Services and UMG/Ambulatory Clinical Services, similar to existing Nursing Staffing Committee for inpatient. 

Sick Leave - Article 11

  • Bereavement only - “immediate family” definition- Changes to Include: Step-parent, step-sibling, step-child, step-grandchild, and partners domiciled in the same household.
  • Parental leave - up to 1 year in a 2-year period - “disability & bonding”
  • Disability leave - leave with position held for  one year (potentially more depending on accruals)

Layoffs - Article 20

  • As an alternative to current language employees in non-clinical positions, may agree (completely voluntary!) to a lump sum payment or salary continuation at 50% of the salary the member would have earned.

Personal Time - Article 12

  • Personal time cannot be used the day before, the day of, or the day after a MAJOR HOLIDAY, without a bona fide emergency.

UHP Job Classifications - OJE (Objective Job Evaluations)

  • Agree to establish a joint committee to review the state’s current OJE process and make recommendations for an alternative to the current system in place. 

 Certification Bonus

  • When UConn Health requires current employees to obtain new certifications, UConn Health will reimburse for the cost associated with obtaining such certifications. 

Post-Doctoral Fellows MOA

  • First full pay period each July - Compensation shall not be less than the minimum pay guidelines established by the NIH for NRSA zero level of experience stipend amount, or the salary increase for such fiscal year, whichever is greater. 

Post-Doctoral Fellows - Salary, Wages, and Benefits

  • Eligible for the 2.5% GWI salary increases and the lump sum payments ($2,500 and $1,000).
  • Insurance plan change that will decrease monthly premium costs (hundreds in savings a year).


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