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Shaneé Reid, Challenger, VP Membership Activities

Hi, I, Shaneé Reid, am seeking your support as the next Vice President for Membership Activities. 

I have been a member of the UCH family for 19 years, 14 in UHP. I am currently an Administrative Program Coordinator and union rep in the School of Medicine. I serve on the scholarship and communications committees.

My primary background is administrative, however I've had the opportunity to work in various departments within UCH. I started in the AFSCME union. My expertise includes administration, clerical, clinical research and clinical. I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with many of you through the Huskybuy Help Desk. 

I look forward to meeting with everyone to discuss current questions and concerns, and exploring new ideas for activities on our social and scholarship committees. Through COVID, we were unable to gather in groups and enjoy the union activities. Now, we have an opportunity to ramp things up. I would like to gather insight on how we can give back more to those in need, as this is an additional passion of mine. I know by working closely with the Vice President for Community Outreach, I can help facilitate that goal. UConn strives to provide the best quality of care. We’d be wise to remember, one day it could be a loved one or one of us in need; we should have an open heart to give. 

A quote that I stand by is “United we stand, divided we fall.” Why? Because we are stronger together than apart. After all, unity is what a union is all about. As VP, what concerns you concerns me. I will make it my duty to have your voices heard and changes are evident. Let's do this together and have fun.

In Solidarity, 
Shaneé Reid

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