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We have eight committees and invite members to join at least one:

Steward: helps members out solving problems with management

Chief Steward: Jean Morningstar

Finance: meets several times a year to prepare the annual budget

Treasurer: Michelle Proper

Union Representative Assembly: meets monthly to receive information to share with their units

VP Tier I: Ray Bennettson

VP Tier II: Peter Zarabozo

Community Outreach: organizes community projects

VP Community Outreach: Robin Washington Addison

Political Activities: keeps us informed about current political issues

VP Political Activities: Dawn Thomas

Communication: handles social media, website, and other communications tools for member engagement

VP Communication: Chris DeFrancesco

Elections: oversees UHP officer and delegate elections

Recording Secretary: Summer Lambert

Membership Activities: organizes membership meetings, scholarships and fundraising

VP Membership Activities (vacant)

Negotiations: works with management to negotiate our new contract (this committee won't reconvene until likely 2023 and will be chaired by the 1st VP for Collective Bargaining


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