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Pandemic Pay Update: Portal Live, Limited

MAY 26, 2023 — The Office of the State Comptroller's pandmemic pay award lookup portal is now live! This online tool will enable state employees to review the state's records that will determine the amount of their pandemic pay.

However, it does not yet include information for salaried UHP employees. The state is still working on those records.

Please see the updated announcement from SEBAC (as of May 25).

The portal includes a link to a SEBAC form that will allow members to request review of their pandemic pay award amount by their union if they think it is incorrect.

Recent developments

The State Senate overwhelmingly voted to approve the pandemic pay arbitration award April 12, one week after the House similarly voted to approve. By approving the award with strong bipartisan support, the General Assembly showed their appreciation for the sacrifices essential state employees and their families made to keep Connecticut open and provide vital services during the height of the pandemic. See full report from SEBAC.

See more information on the SEBAC arbitration award FAQ page.

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