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UHP joined a student-organized rally to call on Gov. Lamont to properly fund higher education, including UConn and UConn Health, Feb. 15 at the State Capitol. - MORE

We have a second extension of the memorandum of agreement on nursing overtime, now in effect through June 15, 2023.

See the signed document.

Connie Simons shares her thoughts on her first AFT Professional Issues Conference for health care, Nov. 11-13 in Chicago. MORE

VP Tier II Employees Peter Zarabozo has some tips for those who could use a hand dealing with rising energy costs.


A list of our Tier 1A job titles

UHP's Jozii Ruiz, a member of the AFT Latino Issues Task Force, has some news to report from the group's July 2022 meeting in Puerto Rico... and wait until you see what "La Familia" has done to support her reading project to benefit kids recovering from pediatric dentistry procedures! MORE