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SEBAC Budget Rally


State Capitol
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Wednesday: Budget rally at the Capitol

We’re looking to turn out members to join state employees from throughout Connecticut for a Rally for a Moral Budget, Wednesday, May 17, at 6 p.m. at the state Capitol.

By now you likely have heard the state budget is headed down an unfavorable path for UConn and UConn Health. Gov. Lamont’s proposal calls for significant cuts to higher education, and the general assembly’s proposal isn’t much better. This has major implications for our jobs and our bargaining position for the wage reopener for the fourth year of our contract. We need to make our presence felt and our voices heard, and the best way to do that is to harness the power of collective action and solidarity. Our elected officials will take notice if we have a strong, vocal turnout. Please see more information and let us know if you need a ride downtown! One of the obstacles is the constitutional spending cap. 

Spending Cap FAQ

Q: What is the spending cap?

The spending cap is an artificial constitutional and statutory limit imposed on the annual growth in state spending. As a result, even though the state has a projected one billion dollars in surplus, we cannot spend it.

Q: Why is this a bad thing?

Connecticut has immediate needs. If we do not address the spending cap, higher education will be grossly underfunded, which will result in significant layoffs for higher education state employees. It will also result in tuition hikes at Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, community colleges, and UConn.

Q: Are there solutions to the spending cap?

Yes. There are several solutions. One solution is a “revenue intercept”, whereby funds go directly to certain programs thereby exempting those expenditures from the spending cap. This frees up money in the budget for other programs that are counted toward the spending cap.

Q. What can we do about this?

Encourage members to attend the Rally for a Moral Budget at the Capitol Wednesday, May 17, at 6 p.m. (Register now). In addition, members should email their legislators.

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