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Market Adjustment for Radiology

(Published Oct. 28, updated Nov. 4 with grid showing years of experience and corresponding steps for Diagnostic Radiology)

By now most members affected by the market adjustment in Radiology should have seen the letter from Dr. Liang and myself. This came after multiple weeks of negotiations. We believe we got it right.

All Radiology job titles are being increased by one salary group. Check the memorandum of agreement for details:

PDF iconradiology_market_adjustment_10-19-22.pdf

This agreement goes into effect Nov. 18, 2022, so the pay increase will come two pay periods after that.

This grid applies to diagnostic technicians only.

Also, Article 10.2 of our contract says new employees can not be brought in at a pay rate higher than an existing member with the same experience. The problem is when your starting pay rate is at a point that people will not accept it, an adjustment needs to be made. That is where our diagnostic tech job titles were. So the change happening will make it so they can hire new people giving them credit for their years of experience. This means a change also needs to happen for the existing members with the same experience. So some of our diagnostic technicians will have their steps increased to make it easier to bring in new staff. See the grid for the breakdown; note this is only for diagnostic techs.

It’s important to remember that the process of re-evaluating our job titles and getting marketing adjustments is one that requires time, patience, and collaboration with management. This, like the ones we’ve been able to get before, represents continued progress in that effort. The areas where staffing is most challenging are the areas our employer is most likely to be receptive to our ideas. In this regard we have common goals. 

We hope this info helps everyone. Any questions please ask us.

—In solidarity, Bill Garrity

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