2019 Officers, Delegates Uncontested

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Call for nominations were received for UHP officer positions VP Tier I, VP Tier II, VP community outreach and chief steward, as well as nominations for delegate positions.

Since we only received one nomination for each officer position, no election will need to be held. I would like to congratulate the nominees for the officer positions:

 VP Tier I: Ray Bennettson (Returning officer)

 VP Tier II: Doug Kingsbury (Returning officer)

 VP Community Outreach: Trisha Faraday (Returning officer)

 Chief Steward: Jean Morningstar

Current Chief Steward Lucille Miller did not seek re-election and will serve out the term ending June 30. At that time, we welcome back Jean Morningstar, former UHP president. Jean has maintained her membership in good standing while serving as first vice president of AFT CT. Jean has been serving on the Steward Committee for the past year and was eligible to run for the position. Jean will bring her knowledge of UHP and UConn Health to the chief steward position. UHP is fortunate to have Jean back on the Executive Committee!

Congratulations also go out to the nominees for this year’s delegate positions (more details on that to come).

I would like to thank the members of the Election Committee for their help and the current members of the Executive Committee for their continuous work to fight for members’ rights.

—Laura Didden, Recording Secretary
Elections Committee Chair