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My Interaction With My State Rep

Many of our officers and members already have written their lawmakers urging them to support the SEBAC agreement that would enact our contract. Here's what one state rep had to say in reply.

Action Needed!

Please see Bill's latest video:

Bill's March 8, 2021, update

President Bill Garrity explains what's at stake and how we an all take part in advancing our cause! (And look for accompanying information in your home email.)

Get Involved, Join a Committee

Wanted: Members in patient-care positions to represent UHP on the UConn Health Employee Safety and Health Committee (informally known as the worker's comp committee)

We are always looking for members who step up their involvement by joining a UHP committee or by representing UHP on UConn Health or affiliate committees. Find a committee that interests you and get in touch with the appropriate contact person -- Active members grow our union's power!

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