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As you are likely aware, both houses of the Connecticut General Assembly Friday approved a budget proposal that threatens great harm to UConn and raises dire questions about the future of UConn Health.

Please read and share this message from UHP leadership. 

Please read this important message from CT AFL-CIO President Lori Pelletier.

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Are you outraged by the treatment of the Utah nurse who was recently abused and unjustly arrested for simply doing her job? While the nation has reacted with understandable shock, health professionals like us know this type of workplace violence is all too common.

We have laws in Connecticut to address safety challenges in hospitals and health facilities, but we aren't using them the way we need to. Staff from our national union will be on-hand later this month for a workshop on how to change this — and you are invited.

Learn more from our friends at the state fed.


Please see this message from the state fed and CHS United. 

Please see the following from the state fed on the state budget crisis. 
As union leaders, we see this as a simple choice; do we want to invest in kids, public safety, healthcare and other vital components of our economy? The alternative is to continue protecting corporate CEOs, handing over taxpayer dollars to hedge fund managers and letting the ultra-rich get away without paying their fair share.


This week the governor and legislative leaders from both parties met behind closed doors to discuss efforts to pass a state budget in the face of growing fiscal challenges. From their remarks to the press afterward, it’s clear that they're clinging to failed austerity policies and refusing to consider better choices to protect vital public services.

Read this important message from our friends at the state fed.


We join the Connecticut AFL-CIO each year on April 28 to observe Workers Memorial Day and remember our sisters and brothers who died while on the job. As politicians and their special interest backers step up their attacks on unions, this year's commemoration is also about defending the right to a voice for all working people.

Read more from AFT-CT 


Following is the written testimony Chris DeFrancesco submitted to the Appropriations Committee March 24, 2017.


Our VP for Communication has been tasked with finding proud health care employees to share their stories in quick videos. 

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