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General Election Information 2015


The following positions will be open for UHP Local 3837 Election in 2015:


1. Vice President Tier I (must be a Tier I employee)

Shall chair the respective standing committees;  be responsible for coordinating of activities of

the Union Representative Assembly, and insuring that issues of respective constituent groups are

addressed within the local union structure.


2. Vice President Tier II (must be a Tier II employee)


New Parking update

Parking update

Formal parking hearing will be on:

January 14, 2015

Labor board – Wethersfield, Connecticut


"Wednesday Table" Concept has Expanded!

   Attention UHP Local 3837 Members:
In an effort to keep all our members informed of ongoing issues, we will now be available on the
-- 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Munson Road Cafeteria  from 7:30 to 9:30 am
-- 4rd Tuesday of every month in the MARB Cafeteria from 7:30 to 9:30 am
We are still available every Wednesday by the cafeteria Main building from 11 to 130pm

Sick Leave Bank


Are you in danger of losing your vacation days

 because you have reached your limit? 

 Why let that happen?   

 UHP members need vacation or comp time donations

 to their sick leave bank.