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Union Dues Update


Due to the General Wage Increase (2013) and the recent Step Increase (2014), the cap for dues has been raised to $33.67.

This increase will take effect in the payperiod that began March 7, 2014.

Thank You,

UHP Local 3837 Executive Committee


Address Changes

Please be sure to complete a Health Center address change form so that UHP has your current correct address info.

Just click on the link below and send  it to Human Resources.


If you have a department and mail code change, please let UHP (Mary McCuin) know as soon as possible.  860 676-8444. 


Thank you.



UHP Local 3837 is accepting Agency Fee Payer Requests, for the FY2012, for that portion of their Union Dues that was not used for collective bargaining purposes.  An Agency Fee Payer is a UHP Bargaining Unit Member who  has chosen not to sign a membership application card requesting voting rights. You must have been a non voting member in FY2012 to be eligible for this refund.


Requests may be sent by email to:

Michelle Proper, UHP Treasurer


Unions and the community are 'a natural coalition'

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