Tell Lawmakers NO to Taxing Labor Before Wealth

This week the governor and legislative leaders from both parties met behind closed doors to discuss efforts to pass a state budget in the face of growing fiscal challenges. From their remarks to the press afterward, it’s clear that they're clinging to failed austerity policies and refusing to consider better choices to protect vital public services.

Read this important message from our friends at the state fed.

Financial Planning Workshop for All AFT CT Members

Date:  Tue, 06/06/2017 - 5:00pm - 6:30pm
This popular financial planning workshop for all members of AFT Connecticut-affiliated unions will help identify life goals and teach effective financial strategies with which to support and achieve them. By organizing their financial life, participants are able to take control of their personal finances and achieve important life goals.

Sign the New Card! Recommitment Drive Underway

As we prepare ourselves to take on continued attacks on the right to collectively bargain, UHP is launching a recommitment drive. We have new membership cards that we are asking all our members to sign.

For those who haven’t signed a union card yet, this is the card to sign that grants you full rights and privileges of a member in good standing.