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Proposed Amendments

UHP Constitution Proposed Amendment #1


Section 3. Nominations of Officers shall be submitted to the Elections Committee by February 1 [the first business day in February]. The Elections Committee shall accept any nominations by written petition containing at least ten signatures of members in good standing. Notice shall be provided to the membership at least fifteen days prior to the Elections Committee meeting the nominations will be in order.



Some of the members have been asking if we could list how many votes each cadidate received.

So here is your list:

VP Tier I

Ray Bennnettson  119 votes

Joan Williams          94 votes

VP Tier II

Martha Stewart       120 votes

Linda Regan              89 votes

Chief Steward

Lucille Miller             129 votes

Ray Bennettson          83 votes


"Wednesday Table" Concept has Expanded!

   Attention UHP Local 3837 Members:
In an effort to keep all our members informed of ongoing issues, we will now be available on the
-- 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Munson Road Cafeteria  from 7:30 to 9:30 am
-- 4rd Tuesday of every month in the MARB Cafeteria from 7:30 to 9:30 am
We are still available every Wednesday by the cafeteria Main building from 11 to 130pm