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Our clinical staff vacation request period is upon us, and with that comes a friendly reminder about our contract language on this process. MORE
Please see this important update from AFT's health and safety team: "What AFT Members Need to Know to Protect Themselves From Polio." MORE
For the first time since 2018, delegates from among the 1.7 members of American Federation of Teachers locals throughout the country assembled in person, including delegates from UHP, July 14-17 in Boston. MORE
We sent 16 delegates to the CT AFL-CIO convention, June 23-24 at Foxwoods, a fitting location, where 2,000 employees are represented by five bargaining units! See this year's endorsed candidates, plus photos and video highlights. MORE
We have a new first vice president for collective bargaining! Shawn Brown took the oath of office Thursday, June 30, succeeding Ivonne Hamm, who retired after six years as first VP. MORE
We have a deal with UConn Health to implement long-overdue market adjustments for our nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in the most critically understaffed areas!

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