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UHP President Bill Garrity is among the union leaders who went before the Government Administration and Elections Committee March 25 to speak against SB 878 a bill that would make it easier for the state to enter into public-private partnerships.


Five Special elections were held Feb. 26 to fill three Senate and two House vacancies created when incumbent lawmakers resigned to accept positions in Gov. Lamont's administration. 


"I would ask for your help to make sure you do not carve up part of the state’s flagship university. Do not destroy the only public hospital in the state. We treat many underserved patients, we treat people with conditions that are not profitable."

President Bill Garrity to the UConn Health board of directors March 4, 2019


SEBAC Unions Reject Further Sacrifice, Committed to 'Win-Win'


The latest from the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition in reaction to Gov. Lamont's proposal to reduce future pension benefits (Redirects to SEBAC page)


That's the message from UHP President Bill Garrity to the legislature's Higher Education Committee.

  • HB 6926 requires public employers to provide employee lists to the exclusive bargaining agent at least once per calendar quarter.
  • HB 6930 requires public employers to provide unions access to new employee orientations so the union can inform new hires of their rights, responsibilities and the role of the union and the benefits provided.
  • HB 6935 requires public employers to consult with the union before issuing mass employee communications regarding their rights to either join or support a union.
  • HB 6936 requires public employers to honor the terms of the authorization process for employee payroll deductions for union dues.

Learn more in this report from the CT AFL-CIO.