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Our brothers and sisters with UNITE HERE 217 are fighting for a fair contract with Sodexo, UConn Health's food vendor. It affects 80 food service employees many of us interact with every day in the food court, at Starbucks, or on the hopsital floors. Why should we care? They're working people, just like us. Their struggles are our struggles.


'U & I in Union' to Protect Our Jobs

The latest from AFT Connecticut on the fallout from the Janus decision.

Recommitting to a Strong Voice for Working People

(JULY 28, 2018)--In the month since the U.S. Supreme Court's majority released their decision in Janus v. AFSCME, Council 31, many members have asked, "what's next?" Many more have reaffirmed their commitment to our movement in defiance of the special interests who bankrolled the lawsuit, saying, "I'm sticking with my union!"
The national network of billionaire-funded think tanks waging a deceptive campaign to exploit the high court's ruling are the answer to "what's next?" They're going to keep trying to trick us into dropping our union membership in further phone calls, house visits, mailers and e-mail messages.
We think sharing personal stories of how the "union difference" has improved members' lives remains a potent resistance to these despicable tactics.
The message that "U & I in Union" is how we secure jobs during budgetary layoffs is particularly resonant today. Too many of our member educators and support staff are facing similar challenges in schools across the state — and they need our support now, more than ever.

More to come, and in solidarity,

Ed Leavy
Secretary-Treasurer, AFT Connecticut

Jean Morningstar
First Vice President, AFT Connecticut

John Brady, RN
Executive Vice President, AFT Connecticut

Jan Hochadel
President, AFT Connecticut

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Post-Janus advice: ‘Don’t count us out’

Right-wing groups have been waging war against public sector unions for many years, so last week’s Janus decision came as no surprise. In her monthly column, AFT President Randi Weingarten describes why Janus was such a “prized goal” for the right wing: Without unions in the way, it’s easier for wealthy conservatives to “win elections, maintain economic dominance and disempower workers.” But unions are not going away, she says. Instead, new members are signing up, recognizing that unions, which negotiate everything from manageable class sizes to safety equipment for emergency personnel, are still the best vehicle working people have to make a difference in their lives and workplaces.


Please read the following from Bill Samuel, AFL-CIO government affairs director. 


The latest from AFT Connecticut on the fallout from the Janus decision.

We expected and prepared for the U.S. Supreme Court's majority decision in the Januslawsuit. Still, the swiftness with which the special interests that bank-rolled it have cranked up their propaganda machine to trick union members into dropping their union membership has been stunning.  


[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_original","fid":"51740","attributes":{"alt":"Janus v. AFSCME | On The Record | AFSCME Video","class":"media-image"}}]]Take two and a half minutes to watch this video from our brothers and sisters as AFSCME about what's at stake with the Janus case... and share with any working people you know!

Janus is on the U.S.Supreme Court docket for Feb. 26, 2018.


About 250 members turned out for this year's business convention. We had some fun and even got a little business done!

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As we prepare ourselves to take on continued attacks on the right to collectively bargain, UHP is launching a recommitment drive. We have new membership cards that we are asking all our members to sign.

For those who haven’t signed a union card yet, this is the card to sign that grants you full rights and privileges of a member in good standing.