AFT Scholarship Deadline Nears

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As affiliates of AFT, our union members are eligible for one of 10 grants of $1,000 each awarded annually to support their continuing education or professional development. Plus $8,000 scholarships are awarded each year to four high-achieving high school seniors.
Additionally, AFT Connecticut awards two scholarships annually; one for union members’ own educational pursuits and the other for their spouses, domestic partners or children.

But hurry -- the deadline for AFT’s Robert G. Porter Scholars Program is Friday, March 31. And Saturday, April 1 is the deadline for both of AFT Connecticut's scholarships for 2017.

Good luck, and in solidarity,
Ed Leavy

Secretary-Treasurer, AFT Connecticut

Jean Morningstar
First Vice President, AFT Connecticut
John Brady, RN
Executive Vice President, AFT Connecticut
Jan Hochadel
President, AFT Connecticut